I started using Linux in my first semester at University (Universit√† degli Studi di Milano), in 2000. I didn’t stop since then! After learning how to use a command line, it was the time for LaTeX, Fortran77 and C. Then some short parentheses with C++, Mathematica, MATLAB and MPI.

During my Ph.D. (at Politecnico di Milano) I used Fortran90 and was exposed to some C++; I was teaching assistant for MATLAB, R, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Theoretical Mechanics courses. During my PostDoc (at Johannes Gutenberg Universtät, Mainz) I used Python, R, C++ (and being a teaching assistant for each of them). I was teaching assistant for an introduction to programming (with Java) as well.

I was a lecturer for an introductory Bioinformatics course and responsible for a short course about Python and Machine Learning (through scikit-learn). During my PostDoc I developed an interest in Machine Learning and Data Analysis, and I am currently registered for some Kaggle competitions (through I can not dedicate so much time to them).

After a PostDoc in Germany, I am currently working as Lead Data Scientist for (Features Analytics), a very dynamic start-up!